Rruga Shtepia e Peshkatareve, Velipojë Shkoder Albania
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Muja Complex started this activity 4 years ago as a family business but its idea has been to offer our friends more than just a business, family warmth, perfect service and functional comfort. Muja Complex is located in the center of Velipoje beach and only 2 minutes from the Velipoja coast.

In our complex you can find 9 hotel rooms and 24 apartments and you are offered a high quality service, the comfort of a luxury hotel, and the restaurant with delicious cuisine, a runway to enjoy delicious food, drinks, and sweets, parking and free internet access as well as many other amenities so that your stay is as pleasant as possible at our complex.

If you travel as a tourist or for work, Muja Complex offers you all the amenities you need!

4 Stinet Velipoje Restaurant is a hospitality story of more than 4 years. All the customers who visit us are included not only in a culinary but also emotional experience. The 4 Stinet Velipoje restaurant reflects an innovative cooking philosophy, while preserving local food culture and the vein platoon traditions.

It is very important to be innovative, and to adapt to time, but we also want to keep the identity and history of our country. Professional work, and the ability to be innovative, based on tradition, are a good way to share the culture and values ​​of this country with the whole world.

The kitchen offers a variety of antipasti of ground and sea, first and second meat or fish dishes. Fish kernels, fish-based pastry combinations, are among the favorite dishes of our Albanian, foreign customers.

In the restaurant we have about 100 kinds of worts coming from all over the world, red, white, rose and sparkling. Some of them are really rare and adaptable with the dishes we serve.

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Address:Rruga Shtepia e Peshkatareve, Velipojë Shkoder Albania

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