Began on 21.04.2017 as a winner in the competition for entrepreneurship created by the innovative ideas of the project I4TOUR "Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship" and IADSA "with the project" "Platform provides a good marketing channel for the district businesses where the directory easily makes an on-line search site where all business natures (individual, small, medium, and large) are located, as well as tourist destinations and business locations This project continues with the launches of the Discover range for the same range (Discover-Tirana, Discover-Durres, Discover-Dibra, Discover-Sarande, Discover-Shkoder, Discover-Elbasan, Discover-Lezhe, Discover-Fieri, Discover-Gjirokastra.)

The first and the only such platform in Albania.

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The Royal Complex is one of the most luxurious complexes built in the center of Velipoja which offers modern, comfortable rooms with a large garden, perfect courtyard to enjoy a relaxing meal outside. The Royal Complex offers the best specialties of traditional Albanian cuisine combed with the Mediterranean. Occurred wherever the highest quality of cooking and maximum comfort is required. Quality and creativity are the fundamental elements of the “Royal” philosophy. We have established a close relationship with clients and excellent partnerships with different businesses. Specialties of the “Royal” Complex: include: Salads, Pasta, Risotto, Vegetables and Meat in the carrier or various combinations.

Located in the heart of the Velipoja beach, there is no way to stop once to enjoy fish dishes, which are the specialty of the house of the best boss of “Viluni Beach”. In addition to the wonderful view that lies in front of him, who wants to eat the most delicious croissants or to try the fresh fish of the cereal, should know that this restaurant will start to like those who are not so passionate about sea ​​products. For everyone who chooses the best beach and visited the Adriatic “Velipoja”, “Viluni Beach” is the only place to offer all the bar, restaurant, fresh beverages and all sea waves under your feet.

Hotel Bora Bora in Velipoja offers you the wonderful setting of its bar to spend unforgettable hours with your loved ones. Everything is perfect and in complete harmony. In addition to the cultured and very fast service, a wide variety of drinks and cocktails, bar clients can make free wireless internet access for their laptops or mobile phones. At the same time, the shepherd himself is at the service of his laptop customers that can be used while staying in these environments. If you only attend this environment once, you will return to a permanent client.